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Hello! My son in 10 with ADHD and has always been very, very hyperactive. He was diagnosed at 6 and started medication at the beginning of kindergarten. We have been exactyly where your daughter is now. What we learned through trial and error with my son is that his hyperactivity and lack of impulse control is worse when in an exciting or stimulating environment, like school or sports. Also, he has alot of difficulty with side effects from medication. We have been on and off of most of the medications available. His side effects have ranged from increased hyperness, emotional liability/ crying, becoming very easily frustrated, bad dreams, and/or tics. Awesome right? So, it could be that she is sensitive to the medication or this is not the right medication for her. Our experience has been to start with a low dose, very low. I would only increase his dosing by half or what the doctor recommended and give it a few days before going up again. Sometimes it was immediate before he started with side effects. Sometimes it would be between the 1 – 2 week mark. For us, the transdermal delivery has been best for him. He uses the Daytrana patch with no hyperactivity, no emotional side effects, no bad dreams. For us this has been a life saver. It delivers the medication evenly throughout the weartime and gradually wears off. He has sensitive skin but tolerates the patch well. It is always red when removing the patch but the redness is gone by the next day. You rotate location of where you place it. We know several other kids who have successfully used the patch for years. I would suggest you give it a try. My next word of advise is to try to establish a good relationship with her teachers. Open communication about medication changes, side effects, etc. is the best approach. I have found that most of my son’s teachers have been shockingly uneducated about ADHD and medications despite the fact that there are always a couple of children in every class with ADHD. Hang in there. They DO mature slowly but surely. Every year gets a little bit easier. I hope my experiences are helpful to you in some way. 🙂