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My child was 4 when she was diagnosed.

I wanted to medicate, and did, immediately. My husband was not as on board, until he saw the results, then he thanked me profusely.

My daughter was getting into fist fights at YMCA, and threatening to be thrown out of preschool. The tantrums at home became so bad I was about to have a mental breakdown. I’m a SAHM and I spent most of my days crying my eyes out.

Therapy sessions have been mostly evaluations and supportive, they were not achievable at all before medication. She could not sit down and would wander around the office breaking objects.

She is on methylphenidate 5mg short acting and 18 mg extended release, twice a day.

On the occasions when she misses a dose the negative behavior is quick to resume. As supportive care we are also having her tested for food allergies, put on supplements, Love & Logic training for us parents, and physical exercise. We feel coping with this is best done in a holistic way.

I am so very thankful that we have medication available to treat her. I don’t think her dad, my husband, will ever forgive his mother for not seeking treatment for his ADHD when he was a kid. He suffered a lot growing up, and 40 years later is still mostly estranged from his parents. His mother labeled him a “bad seed” for what we now know was a brain chemistry problem largely out of his control. Our daughter is now excelling in school where she was one failing, she has friends, and we are able to have a relationship now instead of constantly fighting. I feel like I have my child back.