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Thanks for information! And yeah you are probably correct on both points. I imagine part of why cigarettes worked so well for me is that they allow for stimulant (i.e. focus/cognitive) effects and also a calming (i.e anxiety reducing) effect. Obviously cigarettes effect on anxiety is only for a short duration, and probably make it worse over time, but nonetheless it was helpful. Stimulants seem to also help a bit on that front but nowhere near as effective. I will try exercising and meditating even more. I will also bring this up with the doctor.

As for the dosage part I have heard that Vyvanse does not go that high. I don’t really want to switch to adderall because of its 25% l-amphetamine. I could possibly switch back to a methylphenidate drug, but does anyone know offhand if other dextroamphetamine only drugs come in higher doses than vyvanse (adjusting for fact that vyvanse is prodrug ect). Also, I so far have had a preference for long-acting since it is smoother, but has anyone noticed actual focus differences between IR and XR forms? I am not looking for jolt that comes with IR just the focus, so if I am correct that there isn’t much of a difference I will not bring this up with doctor.

Lastly, if any former smokers who noticed great cognitive benefits of cigs, have any advice on how to increase focus and reduce stress I would be greatly appreciative. Remember though I have already quit smoking and cravings are long gone, so I am looking for things that worked or were helpful beyond the quitting phase.

Thanks again everyone!