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Thanks so much for replying everyone! I thought I was going to get emailed when I got replies, but I must have missed it.

I don’t really feel like a zombie thoughts and focus wise, just like I could easily go take a nap at any time. And it’s all day, not just at certain times, so I didn’t think it was “crashing.”

And exercise? Not exactly a priority. I always feel like it takes up way too much time, with my reading/focus difficulty, there’s no time in grad school for that reliably. Eating-wise, it is certainly better: we never have soda in the house anymore, I very rarely drink alcohol, and I very rarely have snacks in the house (i.e. chips, chocolate), but the Adderall has KILLED my appetite. The amount I want to eat or even can eat before I’m full is a lot smaller than it used to be. Sometimes I’ll forget to eat lunch if I get super busy during the day. I like the side effect of weight loss, though, have gone from a size 18 to 14 (which may be a 12 in another month). Skipping meals may not be ok, but loosing weight is definitely ok, I was over 220 lbs and “supposed” to be closer to 150-160. I’m at about 180 now.

I sought out the meds because I was failing and failing fast Spring semester. Every minute is so precious to my school work. If I take even one evening off I get so behind and can never catch back up. That’s why I take my 10 mg (third dose) Adderall at 6pm, I don’t go to bed usually until midnight with all the work I have to do.

I think I get to sleep ok and I do often wake up once during the night, but even if I don’t I never feel rested. I’ve started keeping my old cell phone in the bathroom for my morning alarm to make me get out of bed, which helps me not be late but doesn’t give me energy.

A bunch of you mentioned magnesium and B vitamins: this really helps that much??

Jchapmanaz: thanks for the congrats. I’m so grateful for getting through it, but I really almost did not. I feel like I’m treading water with how tired I am. I’ve always thought I was too tired during the days even before the meds, unfortunately the meds started about when grad school was so sleep issues could stem from either, but I’ve definitely always thought I was too tired. I definitely still have my anxiety and depression which I’m sure aren’t helping.

As an update: I did talk to my psych nurse about it, she’s prescribed Trazadone to take at night. I’ve been taking it for the last few nights, I think it helps? But sadly it’s finals time so the last week hasn’t exactly been me trying to get 8 healthy hours of sleep.

I don’t know if I’m a fan of just getting more meds, but I am SO tired and will take anything that could help. I do see my regular doctor next month for my annual visit and back pain 1 year anniversary, I might ask about sleep tests or blood tests to check for deficiencies or something.