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One of the hallmarks of add is that you get distracted or tune out. She can easily ask a question and then not listen to the answer…which is why she asks again and again. You also can hyper focus when something interests you…which would also cause her to keep asking the same question. I think that a lot of this problem is add related. And, if it is add related, it is going to very hard to change this behavior. Kind of like asking a kid to walk who has a broken leg.

You also state that depression is an issue. If you have a problem and know about it, but are unable to do much about it….and if you are also getting teased then depression is a consequence. In fact depression and anxiety are very common co-disorders of adhd/add.

The one thing you did not mention is medication. Because you did not mention it, I assume she is not on medication. Because she is intelligent, I would assume her grades are pretty good. But do you find she is now taking a lot more time on homework? Anyway, It makes a big difference in how you deal with this problem if she is on medication or not. And this is a problem, especially the depression, that might just only get worse. And I can guarantee you that medications for adhd/add are a much better choice then meds for depression.

So if she is not medicated, this is something that you are going to have to deal with. You might want to read through some of the answers to this link.

Hope this helps. Best wishes.