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Penny Williams

1. How old was your child when diagnosed? 6

2. Did you decide to medicate right away, or did you wait? Within a week of diagnosis because we (and the teacher) were already implementing behavior modification with little success. My son was sad almost every moment of every day. he couldn’t do anything right, no matter how hard he tried. His little life was so hard, no matter what we did to try to help. So we decided to try it…

3. If you waited, what was your final reasoning for opting to medicate vs going with other methods of treatment that don’t involve meds?

4. Does your child also participate in therapy? If so, did they ever have therapy sessions before medication and did they seem to help at all before you added meds? My son had therapy for many years, but after diagnosis. Medication alone is not effective enough. Behavior therapy and medication is the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics, based on a large study.

5. Which med does your child take, and at what dosage? My son took Concerta at different doses for many years. About 9 months ago he had to stop taking it because we realized it was making him way too stuck and perseverating and way too sensitive to sensory issues. Mind you, this change came after puberty, and he also has Autism, which is where those issues stem from, that the stimulant was worsening. Stimulant medication was a GOD-SEND for many years (7-8 years).

Every individual responds differently to different stimulants and different doses. So the answers to this question from others isn’t going to yield data you can use to decide which medication your child should be on.

A Patient’s Primer on the Stimulant Medications Used to Treat ADHD

6. Do you notice a negative difference in your child with meds vs without? Not until puberty changed his chemistry and ASD became more pronounced.

7. Are you glad you decided to introduce medication as a treatment option? Do you have any regrets? ABSOLUTELY glad we went with meds. It was hard enough with meds, can’t imagine without. I don’t have any regrets about it at all.

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