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I second the talking to your doctor about the Lexapro suggestion. Taking it is YOUR decision, but I personally would invest in finding non-drug treatments for the anxiety. IF I was you and IF I decided that I wanted or needed to get off Lexapro, I’d get “The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook” (you can get a hard copy on ABE books for dirt cheap) and work that sucker. And I would (and do!) work out HARD. Lift HEAVY weights, do Tabata, etc. Bonus: hard exercise helps you sleep. Big time! Even if you do stay on anxiety meds, you should still introduce short, hard workouts into your life. They’re just great regardless.

6PM is way too late to take Adderall, IMHO. I started out on regular Adderall years ago, and I took my second dose (30mg doses?) at noon. No later. Nowadays I take 15mg of Adderall XR in the morning when I wake up (around 7:30AM). It starts wearing off sometime around 6PM and I have a nice, gradual decline as I’m wrapping up dinner and cleaning the kitchen. I spend the rest of the evening relaxing until bed time. XR has been LIFE CHANGING for me. I’m able to eat when I’m on it, and it’s a nice, even keel during the day. I don’t constantly feel it’s wearing off.

If you don’t have a before bed sleep hygiene routine, get one. Start relaxing yourself well in advance of going to sleep whether you’re wired or can barely stay awake. And don’t fight the sleep if you can help it. If you’re sleepy at 9PM and have nothing else to do, go pass out early.

You also have to watch caffeine if you’re a coffee junkie. I’m down to 2 cups a day, and I cut it off at 1PM. If you’re taking in large amounts of caffeine or taking it late in the day, it could very well wake you up at night and cause some nasty insomnia. Kinda like Adderall can. :-/

It doesn’t sound like you’re having trouble getting to sleep, though. Waking up sounds like a different story! If I’m left to my own devices, I won’t fall asleep until 1AM or so, which means I won’t wake up until 10AM. I take 1mg of melatonin as I’m getting into bed. 6mg seems crazy high to me. I’ve even read some research that says melatonin has diminishing returns. In other words, it’s not going to work that much better at high doses than at low ones. Just saying…

For the most part, the way I eat falls under Primal. Kinda like Paleo but with coffee and dairy. 🙂 Ditching sugar and going to for ancestral eating could very well help if your diet doesn’t look all that great.

Also, I personally find that taking a multivitamin with extra magnesium and some extra B vitamins helps me. Then again, I also have a thyroid problem.

Good luck. What you’re experiencing is awful and not normal.