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I’m actually right there with you about to medicate or not to medicate?
My son was 3 when I began seeing symptoms. I myself was diagnosed at 30 year’s old. He started preschool at 4 and that’s when we decided to see a doctor for help. His teacher and daycare worker were both great at helping us give the doctor as much information as possible.
He was diagnosed with combination ADHD. So far we have only been giving him Ferrous Sulfate 5mgs a day, which started at age 4. He’s now 5 and in Kindergarten and I just made an appointment to talk to the doctor about perhaps trying a medication. While the sulfur did absolutely help in the beginning, it’s just not really having much affect anymore.
So I am at odds right with you, but as soon as I was diagnosed I did a ton of research and the only thing really helping me make this decision is that it’s really a lack in the brain, which the medication fills. So scientifically I understand that it makes total sense. But as a Mom of course we’re going to go through a million emotions and questions.
I do want to say thank you to everyone who has answered these questions because you guys have been beyond helpful!!! And very reassuring! I know I didn’t ask the questions but I definitely needed to! Good luck with your decision, I think that a lot of the parents had a great point that you can always stop the medication at anytime. That really helped me feel better about my decision. Ha, I guess everyone really did just help me make up my mind! Thanks for your questions and I appreciate everyone’s feedback! Good luck to everyone!!! 🙂