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Have you done anything to alter your diet and exercise routine? The crashes of adderal used to really destroy me. Even when unmedicated I have trouble with fatigue if I am not eating properly and getting in some exercise regularly.

The best thing you can probably do for yourself is cut out sugar and caffeine from your diet. Because both of these things give our brains quick dopamine hits, many ADHDers tend to use them as a crutch throughout the day (most Americans in general, really) but they can cause all kinds of disruption to your body’s hormones which can have massive negative impacts on your energy level because of the constant dips and spikes in insulin, blood sugar, cortisol, etc.

For me personally, switching to Paleo and supplementing with magnesium, b complex, and zinc and getting in lots of movement – I walk EVERYWHERE – makes such a difference for me that i become close to asymptomatic. Best of luck to you! Being tired makes adhd symptoms worse so I hope you find quick relief!