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Hope this helps.
1. & 2. My son was 3 when the daycare asked us to get him tested. The doctor was pissed. She said the the daycare was failing him and she would not even consider diagnosing him until after he was in school. In kindergarten his teacher discussed his issues with us and agreed we should have him tested. He was 6 when diagnosed and started methylphenidate 5mg/mL twice a day. I had plenty of time to research and discovered I was and had always been ADHD. The decision to medicate was based on my experiences as a child. I did NOT want my son to suffer as I did and to give him a shot at a halfway decent childhood.
3.&4. If you wait and use therapy, that’s wonderful. Give him all the resources he can get! Not only for him but you too! This is lifelong.
5 &6. He is now on methylphenidate 10mg/mL twice a day. He started to develop OCD behaviors such as saying the same phrase over and over, rewalking the last 3 steps he’s taken but it seems to be few and far between. I’m monitoring this and will discuss with his doctor in January. He is a thin child and the medicine suppresses his appetite so I feed him as much as he will eat in the morning and afternoon/night when the meds are not in his system.
He is doing well on the meds but they are not perfect. He still has problems focusing when the medicine starts to wear off and working independently at school but he is not being disruptive or fighting with kids he wants to be his friends anymore. This is not going to be a static situation so communication with his teacher and doctor is important. The medicine has helped him and that’s all I can do at this moment in his life.

Good luck on your decision and you are not alone!

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