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I have also done the same thing with questions when I was in high school. Even with my ADHD diagnosis I didn’t really understand what I had and I was teased a lot because of my impulsivity. Adult adhd isn’t a walk in the park either unfortunately. But the reason I always asked so many questions, and still do(but I learned how to better control them) is because I seek the reassurance that I am going to do something correctly or that it is definitely the right answer. I would get called on without my hand being raised and couldn’t answer the question which made me feel so stupid. The extra questions I would ask were to prevent me from feeling or sounding stupid. In my head it made more sense to do this although some people still made fun of me for all of my questions. As I have gotten older (I’m 26) I still have social anxiety about sounding stupid and panicking about whether or not I’ll say something stupid because their topic is boring to me and I can’t pay attention. But I have recently started learning how to process things in my head first. This only works for my when I have taken my adderall. Impulsivity is already something that adolescents struggle with, so having add on top of that is challenging. Encourage your daughter to learn more about add herself. Because that has made all the difference for me. Good luck with your daughter! She is amazing!