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My son was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD when he was five. We decided to focus on the short term on behaviour therapies.

I was diagnosed at 41. I went on medication and found my behaviour improved in the short-term but after a few months I found that my behaviour hadn’t really hadn’t sustainability changed my anxiety levels were through the roof.

I fell pregnant, and came off the medication, which I found incredible difficult. It was like my brain wouldn’t start.

Not long after the paediatrician changed my son’s diagnosis to a co-morbidity with dyspraxia. We have continued with behaviour therapy and, now that he’s 7 and a half, things are heading in the right direction.

We now understand that his ADHD symptoms were largely frustration from having poor fine motor skills and procedural memory associated with dyspraxia.

I’m pleased we delayed the medication and continued to seek further understanding about what was driving the inattentive behaviour.