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Thank you for your advice. I have thought about this many of times and I think that at the end of the day, the only thing i can do is to tell this doctor the truth. It is a long story to have to explain to anyone and to answer your question I do not believe that the doctor at the hospital knew that I was taking this diet pill, which after asking was some kind of spin off of Desoxyn but higher in milligrams. I have to have a release of all of my medical records to this doctor so he is going to find out one way or another. I just feel horrible having to go into a new doctor and try to plead my case to him and make him not like me right off the bat thinking that all i am there for is drugs. I wouldn’t even mention it if I didn’t think it was a problem and I have not been able to see a doctor since Mid October.

I like your idea of trying a different medication to treat the ADD but i am fearful that it won’t work. At the same time I do not want him thinking that I am fishing for him to give me medications as all i really am asking for him to do is to put me back on the meds that I was on. Again, I appreciate your taking the time to write back to me as just merely talking about it is therapeutic. Thanks again.