Reply To: Vyvanse & Focalin


So let me ask you a question – if ADHD medication works well for the ADHD diagnosed kids (including college age kid) you’re mentioning here, why exactly would you plan/hope for them to one day quit taking the medication?

Would you be thinking the same way about a diabetic and how people feel about their insulin? I mean why do people (who for the most part are totally ignorant to ADHD and how effective the stimulant medication is for those of us that use it) that have an uneducated opinion about the medication and diagnosis for that medication matter so much ? I mean you are posting in an environment where most people understand ADHD and are advocates for treating it in the way most beneficial to the patient.


Would you hope for anyone wearing glassed or contacts to one day not wear them? They are not
necessary for maintaining life, are a lot of timed made fun of – glasses are however very helpful and make life easier for those that use them, why not change your thinking about ADHD medication and promote wellbeing of the patient instead of succumbing to social ignorance and judgement.

One last thought, 2 years is a long time for a growing child to be on the same dosage of medication. The efficacy most likely has diminished as your kiddos tolerance builds up and his body mass increases. You could ask about modifying the dosage and/or medication. Focalin xr is like giving 2.5 mg IR immediately then another 2.5mg about 3-4 hours later = 5mg Example 5mg xr m-f with no weekends, then 5mg xr daily, then switch either to Focalin 10mg xr with 5mg IR prn right after school or Concerta XR 18mg (like giving 3 doses instead of 2 with Focalin)
My 2cents.
NOTE: Above drug/dosage suggestions are not provided as medical advice instead they are just an example of how ADHD medications can be modified for long term use. I am not a Doctor and my opinions are based solely on my personal experience, knowledge as well as my professional (RN) knowledge/experience.