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Penny Williams

This is EXACTLY what we figured out was happening to our son with medication. He was 15 when we stopped his stimulant in June. He went from literally feeling like he was under siege or about to be attacked at every moment, back to his carefree happy self. While school will always be a struggle for him with such huge executive functioning deficits, he’s actually doing a lot better in school because he was so distracted by the anxiety and overwhelm before. He also had a short fuse on stimulants but is now much more calm and even-tempered.

Mind you, had had been on medication just a few months short of 10 years. He was just 6 when he started it. And he absolutely needed it through 6th or 7th grade, no doubt, but it turned on him at some point, probably 2-3 years before we thought to try to do without it and see if it was making things worse.

Follow your instincts. Talk to your mom and doctors. You may simply need a different medicine instead of quitting altogether too.

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