Reply To: Careers and Passion


Totally normal to feel that way. Statistics definitely point to higher education leading to financial stability, but this could even be a trade school. Everyone says follow your passion, which is great advice because you want to do something you can be happy about, but there is also wisdom in finding something that pays well and going for it. I don’t know that many accountants are actually “passionate” about it, but they make good money and can then support their actual passions.

With ADHD, you might look into a profession that is always changing. For instance, I was a high school English teacher. Teaching suited my needs. I then was a stay at home mom and now I run an education grant. I think higher education gives you more freedom, so when you get tired of waitressing or it just isn’t paying enough, you can move on. Even in simple careers, college grads get paid more. College will also help you find something you are really talented at, not just interested in. The world needs you and your specific skills and it gets harder to get higher education the older you get as life’s responsibilities take over.

I would recommend going to college for at least a year and taking some kind of career exploration class. Also read Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It teaches how to make your money make money so you can do more of what you actually want to do. There is an audio version on YouTube. Good luck! It is hard to be 18!!