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I wouldn’t call it hyperfocus per se, but I’ve been there, numerous times. I just put it simply as ADHD being a 24/7 disorder. Just because we’re sleeping, doesn’t mean we don’t still have ADHD.
ADHD impacts every aspect of our lives, including sleep. One night you may feel as if you got the most peaceful sleep you’ve ever had (because you did). Another night may be full of tossing and turning to the point where you & the covers end up on the floor when you wake up (I’m joking, but this did happen to me once when I was younger lol).
Anyway, our brains crave arousal & stimulation like an addiction. So anything that sparks that arousal is going to get us going, and it’s HARD to control.
We all have our own triggers that our ADHD is susceptible to, because they’re stimulating & exciting. Like for me, it’s music. I’m always up for a good song, plus my phone is LOADED with music. At night, I could either be up for a long time just listening to music, or my brain could have me dancing to it in my dreams while I’m asleep, lol. So I have to avoid listening to any of my music before I go to bed (if I have a long day waiting or me the next day), because I have to get to sleep early that night.
Our ADHD brains are going 1000 miles a minute most of the time, even while the situation may not call for it (like sleeping). This is GREAT during the day, as we have our daily lives to attend to all day, and we have multiple things going on at once. We’re like machines then, but our brains can’t wind down when we want them to. I equate it to getting a child to go to sleep when they want to stay up all night. It’s annoying on the nights when you know you both have to get up early in the morning, but on nights where neither of you have to wake up early the next morning for any reason, it’s not a problem, because you can afford to sleep in. If that makes sense.

-Kendall Boults Jr.