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Totally been there. So sorry. Zoloft helped me but I will say that when I first started the Zoloft I felt like it got worse too. I told me doctor and she pretty much laughed at me and said, “That means you need a higher dose.” I rolled my eyes at this but tried the higher dose and it actually did improve. Sounds like you have given it a try though, so I don’t know. When you are feeling that way every social encounter is such a courageous effort. My brother got some relief from talk therapy.

I feel like my social anxiety stemmed from constant social fumbles related to my add, which made it worse because I knew I wasn’t making up the social blunders, they were very real! BUT I was surely exaggerating people’s responses to them. Anxiety is so frustrating because you can logically “shake it off” but the thoughts and feelings continue to circle. Does exercise help you? I always hate when people say sleep, good food, and exercise, but maybe it could help? When I am anxious I prefer yoga to cardio. Hope you find some relief. It is miserable to feel that way.