Reply To: Confused and Lost


Totally know how you feel! That is hard not knowing for sure. I would recommend seeing an adhd specialist. I would not see a neuropsychologist as the testing Environment is perfect for an adhd person to score well (sterile, novel, one on one, motivated to do well). I scored fine on focus and memory, but had a large gap in my verbal and performance scores, which I have read can signal adhd. I also read as many as 50% of people with adhd will score well on adhd neuropsych tests.

My GP was worthless too as he did not think adult adhd existed. He did give me a referral to a psychiatrist who gave me the diagnosis after an hour of questions and then prescribed Adderall XR.

She told me, “On this you will know right away whether you have adhd or not. You will either feel calm and productive (indicating you do have adhd) or agitated and frenetic.” I don’t know for sure how true that is, but it made me feel so calm and settled that I figured it must be true. Hope that helps! Good luck.