Reply To: Is it a.d.d or do I worry too much?


Thanks so much for the responses! Wonderful information and advice.

I have been in communication with his teachers and he visits the school counselor once per week for anxiety coping tools. His classroom teacher did not seem concerned about him but when she filled out an adhd Inventory, his score was high enough for an inattentive diagnosis. Same thing with his Kindergarten teacher. No concerns, just praise, but then High inattentive Inventory scores.

His first grade teacher said she sees his “wheels turning” about a topic long after they have moved on from it and he is constantly making connections with new information. I thought that was a lovely euphemism describing his tendency to obsess over what interests him. She also said that one time he was last in line in an exercise where every child did the same thing. When it was his turn, he had no idea what to do.

I guess that’s why I am so unsure. It keeps going like that! No real concerns from others, so I feel like I am crazy thinking something is going on. His preschool teacher is the only one who ever shared my concerns as he could rarely finish his classroom responsibilities. He would head over to do them and get caught up with something else. He also sometimes talks very loudly, making his peers cover their ears.

I think getting a second/expert opinion is a great idea. Really appreciate the input! And you are so right about quarreling sisters! Lol