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So, I was one of those kids who would steal stuff. It started when I was young, probably 12-13 when I really started seeing things I wanted and couldn’t get. My parents weren’t poor by any means, but I didn’t ask for anything for fear of rejection.

My biggest reason for stealing was because I didn’t have money for the things that other kids had. In my pre-teen years, I wanted those cool gel pens and novelty toys like fidget spinners. Back then, they were magnets and other various, cheap, knick-knacks. I would steal from piles of money my step mother had from when she was the treasurer on a youth athletic board. She would obviously notice the money missing, but I was 1 of 3 boys, so she couldn’t tell who it was. Once my parents figured it out, they took me to the sheriffs station and straightened me out. I never kept track of the money I stole, so when the Sheriff asked how much I took, I honestly had no idea. I stopped after that and figured it was easier to just go without.

Now that I am 28 with a 7 year old son who has ADHD, I’ve been concerned with the stealing, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem. It is very likely due to the fact that I let him buy the little novelty items like the sizzler magnets, pokemon cards, fidget spinners, etc. I make him work in order to earn cash. Yeah, he might be spending it on some things that will get broken or lost within a week, but he won’t have a need to want to have it any longer after the novelty has worn off. Plus, he has already started to understand what it’s like to earn a dollar, the right way. I know it’s not a cheap solution, or even the right one, but that is my experience having been the theif at that age. Now, I’m raising a little mini me that is identical in every way except for his brown eyes.