Reply To: Help with 4yo son!


And btw, when my son was 4 (he is 7 now) we had to pull him out of a Qdoba because he wouldn’t quit screaming, kicking, and crying. He continued his tantrum for an hour even when we got home! That is when I first thought, what the heck?! Am I a horrible parent? How is he so out of control? I left him alone to throw his lengthy fit. According to my mom who teaches preschool and got trained in this sort of stuff, with a tantrum you will see the screaming and crying and then a moment of quiet. Do not say anything to them in that moment because it is a moment of self reflection. Then they will usually cry and scream some more before feeling some remorse and even sometimes coming to you to apologize. In that moment they come to you, you can discuss the bad behavior and console, but not before then (during the fit). Hope that helps.