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I feel like some doctors can be dismissive of adult adhd. My primary doctor first told me it was just a childhood condition. I then went to a neuropsychologist for testing. Since my focus and memory scores were average, she told me it was anxiety and depression and that any young mom would feel as if she had it. By then, I was completely discouraged because I have been treated for anxiety and depression and it never quite fixed my biggest concerns. Plus I was insecure in my self-diagnosis already. Then, I read a chapter in Driven to Distraction about neuropsych testing that said it is not very effective in identifying adhd because of the novelty, motivation to do well, one on one setup, and distraction free room, which all treat adhd symptoms. It also said that sometimes a large gap between performance and verbal scores is an indication, which I had. Anyways, I met with a psychiatrist who asked me a series of questions and confirmed that I had enough long term, invasive symptoms to get a diagnosis. She started me on Adderrall. I was very unsure about starting meds, but after the first pill, I could not believe the calm and relief and I knew I would not have been able to learn coping strategies without first getting the medication. For me, I could tell pretty quickly that the 10mg wasn’t going to be enough because I still had the symptoms even though they were not as “loud” as they had been.

What I am trying to say is 1. Advocate for yourself. It is normal to feel like you are “just making it up” or “using it as an excuse” especially when doctors mislead you or friends and family don’t believe you. Find a doctor who specializes in adult adhd. 2. Treatment is everything! Not even just meds, but understanding yourself and condition. After Adderall I feel like my depression and anxiety stemmed from untreated adhd and the out of control, overwhelmed feelings can be helped. 3. Hang in there! While you are waiting for meds, I would read Driven to Distraction.

Good luck to you.