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I too just filled an RX from Northstar and I’m only on day 2 and it is a NIGHTMARE. Totally ineffective – I am 100% sure the margins on their active ingredients is the bottom of the 30% lower minimum. These companies are so evil and they cut the efficacy of the product for larger profits and we are the lab rats who have to deal with a MONTH LONG RX that doesn’t even work! I will never ever accept Northstar again from my pharmacy (along with Mallinckrodt – which is certainly the worst of all the Adderall RXs out there) but Northstar is awful and is certainly second on my list of offenders. I’ve been on this medication for over 10 years and now every month is a terrifying awkward guessing game of calling my pharmacies to fill at the one carrying an acceptable generic. How is this even legal? Oh- and I start a new job on Monday! That’s going to be a total nightmare.