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Hi, I have two kids who are both ADHD and medicated, as am I. tl;dr: the medication has been life changing, why did we wait so long?

I’ll give you the chronology for our family. Note that the Boy is 4 years older than the Girl:
1) we concluded informally that the Boy, age 5, had ADHD.
2) We began non-medication interventions, which helped.
3) I was diagnosed an began Adderall
4) Daughter was diagnosed at age 5. Began non-medication interventions. Kind of helped? Not really.
5) The Boy started Concerta in grade 5. Reason: he was falling behind in social skills, and there was no way he’d gain ground in middle school. IMMEDIATE difference.
6) Four months later the Girl asked if she could try meds. Reason: she could see how much easier my and my son’s relationship had become, and all the success he was having.
7) Girl on Concerta, worked okay for awhile, has switched to Vyvance and that’s working better.

They’re now in middle and high school, and I can’t imagine life without the medication. He can miss a day here or there, but if she misses, it’s *hard* on everyone.

Zero regrets, except why did we hesitate. If they don’t work, you can stop them immediately, there is almost nothing to lose in trying.