Reply To: texting issues


hey, thanks! Honestly, I miss the days of texting each other back and forth whenever we could. if that happens anymore, it’s rare…
it’s so hard to not fall into an anxious overload. Even though lately I’ve been studying adhd, and trying so hard to tell myself not to take it personally, it’s still hard. for example, yesterday we had a good text conversation in the afternoon. this morning, I sent her a message to let her know the road conditions. no response. ok, no biggie. then mid day, I sent a message asking how she was doing today (because she hurt her back a couple days ago). no response again… Uh-oh anxiety alarm is going off, did I say the wrong thing, am I being annoying, did I bore her yesterday, is she looking at the phone seeing my message and saying #^(* off.. no matter what I tell or remind myself… uggh..
so yeah, I drive myself nuts first sitting and waiting, thinking well maybe she’ll respond tonight sometime. probably not.. so now what? the old uneducated me would have said I’m not sending another message again till she responds or sends me something, which could take days, weeks, or even a month.. I don’t want to let that happen.. so, I guess i sleep on it, and hope I wake up with an idea of how to proceed next.