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Thank you for your post! We are in a very similar position right now and are leaning heavily towards having our 8 year old girl repeat 3rd grade at a new school. She has a very late bday (Aug 30) and (so far, we think) a dx of ADHD and anxiety and she is tiny. She struggles academically (still working on identifying why) and has very recently made social gains. The private catholic school she is currently enrolled in is not working with us (we feel); they are putting her in the hallway when she cannot complete her worksheet and the teacher wants to review it with the class (so she is missing additional time with the curriculum which we feel will inevitably have gaps in foundation). We are taking steps to work through the current academic year but have very recently decided to move to a very highly regarded and ranked public school district (we will move houses also). We are not open to moving mid year due in part to the significant social gains she recently made and we also have a kindergartner to consider. We believe that with moving houses to a new school district, we have been presented with a unique opportunity to have her repeat 3rd grade, be closer in age and allow her time to (continue to) mature socially and academically. We believe moving houses and schools will help dispel stigma as well as benefiting from the resources at a well funded public school district. My sister is a teacher and told us from the beginning to hold her back/delay entry. We thought we would be OK but hindsight is 20/20.