Reply To: texting issues


Be careful what you wish for. LOL. My husband over texts me to the point that it is constantly interrupting me at work. And if he can’t get me to respond right away(because I’m WORKING), then he calls or emails. But I have also noticed that it comes in phases. He will do this for months at a time and then it will stop. What I have noticed, is that when it stops, it is because he is then going through a month’s stretch of texting his brother non-stop, or a new friend from work. It’s almost as if he realizes that his constant hyper texting is too much, so it’s as if he is trying to spread it around as to not wear out his welcome. But I think it’s more along the lines of novelty. I think the novelty wears off in the ADHD brain, so they then stop texting you and move onto anyone else they can text until the novelty wears off again.Then they rotate to a different friend, etc.

I have no idea if I am correct on my interpretation of the texting behaviors of ADHD. But I just noticed that if he finally listens to me(after much begging on my part) and quits texting me at work, that it’s almost seems like it’s a compulsion to him and he then has to text somebody else non stop. But he also is not on any medication yet. I wonder if your girlfriend’s texting habits change if she forgets to take medication, perhaps? Coincidentally, like you, I also am an extreme introvert and suffer from anxiety. And trying to interpret and make sense of the behaviors of someone with ADHD will practically put you into a panic attack. You find yourself sitting there, going over and over in your head, trying to figure out what you did to contribute to their change in behavior towards you. Don’t go there, it will just make you feel nuts. LOL. At one point, I actually found myself reading books on Navy Seals mind control so that I could learn meditation and mind calming techniques because my husband’s behavior was constantly not making sense to me. Other people’s posts in this forum have shown me that all that anxiety over it, was for nothing, since 99% of these types of behaviors have nothing to do with us, or anything we did wrong.