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I found a plant-based protein powder at Kroger. I added a scoop of peanut butter for some healthy fat, a banana for energy, and some rolled oats to keep me full. Blended it with some almond milk and ice and drank that every morning for a few years. It has kale, spinach, etc. and your daily vitamins of just about everything. It was nice knowing that I had that boost every day so that, as long as I added in enough calories, I knew I was getting the nutrients I needed.

Not sure if you eat dairy, but low fat cheese sticks, greek yogurt, and fruit are my go-to snacks when I don’t feel like eating but need some protein. I’m always in the mood for fruit, plus it’s all pretty cheap. 🙂 And KIND peanut butter protein crunch bars. Not super cheap, but super delicious!