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Hi everyone, I am reading all these and now I feel like I am not alone . My son is 10 and tells ( stories ) lies and embellishes almost everything. Goes through friends pretty fast . I have a husband who is on board with it all but has no patience and it’s breaking me down , as I am going through menopause as well and everything is son is number 1 though and I am so on board with anything to help him . I bought him a watch minder and it’s the best thing ever to snap him out of his moods and keep him on task in school, it’s just having to put out fires with his friends . He has a huge heart and sensitive, but boy when he has a bad day it makes my heart just drop .. I feel like having friends and keeping them will always be an issue . I am trying to teach him to value friendships and friends do not hurt friends . Anyways, I think we are all doing the best we can .