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Thank you for your response. It is really nice to hear from someone who has lived it or is still living it. A perspective from the individual is very helpful. I wish you peace each day. I say PEACE because I love to know that my kids wake up and have a calm in them, especially my daughter. I have not been clinically diagnosed with ADHD, but I have always had a comprehension issue in school as well as focus issues. My mind has 20 avenues running at the same time. My husband and son tell me that I remind them of a chipmunk they watch in our yard. Running everywhere like lightening. That’s how my mind works. It never calms. That is why I decided to try the Transcendental Meditation with my daughter and I’m actually sleeping way better at night whereas two weeks ago (before meditation) my nights consisted of so many years of getting into bed and thinking and thinking and overthinking. My children’s pediatrician has informed me that “he is not diagnosing me BUT he has seen enough to know I have adult ADHD.” I appreciate your insight as to the texting because as you mention you text your husband we have informed our daughter to text family instead of friends (which we monitor and have alerts now). She has had social media arguments which have led to taking her phone and monitoring. I thank you for your advice.