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14 yr old son/HS Freshman:(djfreshyinlv)

Thank you so much for your response. Yes the STRUGGLE IS REAL. It is hard to watch on many occasions. I try to help her with the missed social cues and many other struggles she goes through. She, like your son, has many friends at school and some (as you have mentioned) are names that I believe she misunderstands as “a friend”. I pray every night to God above and yes He has gotten us this far and I believe He will continue to guide us down this road and there will be a lot of good ahead. She is a great kid. Never in trouble at school, has a heart of gold and very caring and all those personality traits makes it harder to watch. I wish you lots of luck ahead and I wish your son much success and happiness. I’m sure life will work out for us all. lol You have my email if you would like to keep in touch or ever need another mom “who gets it” to talk to please feel free to reach out. Honestly, mom’s need each other.