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My wife actually did this when we went out for our anniversary!

We went to a wine tasting event that benefited our kids’ schools. There was one table with whiskey. I had gone there before and tried one of them. I returned to the whiskey table with my wife. The representative at the table offered me the whiskey I had already tried and I told her that I had. She then gave me a sample of another whiskey she had. So it was clear that I was there.

My wife and the whiskey representative started talking about how we homebrew beer. I tried to contribute to the conversation. I remember that I wanted to point out that whiskey is to beer as brandy is to wine. I could not get a word in edgewise because my wife kept talking over me.

A little while later, I told my wife I was frustrated because she kept interrupting me whenever I tried to speak. Her response? She LITERALLY told me that she not noticed I was there! On our anniversary date! Despite the fact that I interacted with the whiskey company representative before my wife started monopolizing the conversation.