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Sounds to me like the wrong med, or wrong dosage.

I was diagnosed in my 40’s, and had some trial and error with meds until finally landing on Ritalin. From the first day of Ritalin, I felt like now I am probably experiencing what “normal” feels like (I’ve since heard the term “neuro-typical” instead of “normal”).

I never feel like I’m on speed, ever. In fact just the opposite. Meds have given me the experience of having my thoughts “quiet down”, so that I can think, process, focus, prioritize, and be productive. At work, and also at home.

In addition to getting work and chores done on time, I can now also enjoy an entire movie without having to repeatedly get up to “get something”. I can take a nap if I feel tired, I can read more than one chapter in a book in one sitting, and so much more.

Meds haven’t taken away the ADHD barriers, but meds do give me the ability to move past them, or step around them, most of the time. There are occasional days when ADHD is in charge, but most days, meds give me a chance to make intelligent choices about how to use my time and energy.

Meds should increase your quality of life, not make you feel like you’re in an unfocused manic state.