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I was very scared that my husband might have a personality disorder because they run in my family. After a lot of thought and talks with my therapist I came to realize my husband doesn’t use fear, obligation, or guilt (the cornerstones of emotional abuse and personality disorders), but, rather, he’s controlled by them, himself. A couple of his former co-workers thought his boss was a sociopath and I don’t doubt the boss has a personality disorder, but it’s more like my husband’s a codependent/enabler. Everyone who knows my husband agrees it’s very unlike him to be so inappropriate and calloused. But, regardless, it’s really hard to trust that he won’t continue to place the requests of those who use fear, obligation, and guilt over mine (which he admitted he does because he trusts I won’t react as irrationally as those people will).

I’d love for us to read a book together, especially about mindfulness and meditation since its helped me immensely with my anxiety. I’ll keep that in mind!

Right now I’m going by our therapist’s recommendations and hoping it gets through to him!