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Dear Blair,
Thanks for the dietary tips. I went to stay with a vegan friend and because there was nothing but healthy food available I ate it. It took some getting used to, but when I got home and stepped on the scale and saw I had dropped ten pounds I was in! It can be challenging as you said, and I noticed that lately when I sweat, I smell like tofu! 🙂 It is true that eliminating chemicals, high fructose corn syrup,msg(which by the way is not so much a flavor enhancer as it is actually an additive meant to stimulate the hunger signals to your brain. That’s why that chip commercial so smugly says betcha can’t eat just one! I still fall off the wagon now and then but for the most part my food and even my snacks don’t have chemicals that will short circuit my brain. If I have chips, the ingredients are potatoes,oil,sea salt. Now THAT’S a chip that I betcha can eat just one! 🙂