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I am finding out that a great deal of my reactions to different drugs and/or drug cocktails have everything to do with the doctor I am working with and how responsive he/she is when I say something is off and just not working for me. I’ve had doctors who put me on certain meds and when I told them I did not do well on them, they insisted I give it time. I may be the patient, but if a drug makes me gain 25 pound in 2 months, or another makes me so super manic that I want tho rip the skin off my face or bang my head against the wall, then my doctor HAS to listen. If he doesn’t then he’s a bad doctor and I fire him and move on. I always try to remember that I am the consumer and he is being paid to provide a service. If a plumber “fixed” my sink and it still leaked then he is a bad plumber. Just because someone went to med school it doesn’t necessarily mean they are good in practice. I can read about fixing a car all day long but until I rip an engine apart and put it back together and it actually runs well, then I may have the certificates on the wall, but it doesn’t mean that I know what I am doing. I learned a long time ago-a good doctor isn’t afraid of questions and if he doesn’t feel like he has to discuss his deck decisions about your care with you, he thinks he’s God and I don’t think God belongs in a therapist’s office. That’s what church is for. Tell your doctor what is going on with your vyvanse. You may need a mood stabilizer or some other helping addition to your needs to fix the problem.