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Penny Williams

The best thing you can do is honor who you are. You are likely a kind, compassionate friend, who just doesn’t enjoy large social gatherings or situations where there are people you don’t know.

I’m not suggesting you avoid those things necessarily. That’s pretty much what I’ve done as much as possible my whole life and it has held me back in some ways. But, it has also not added undue stress to an already stressful existence of having anxiety.

I’m actually feel more comfortable on the phone than in person, but my daughter has the same issues with the phone. I think it’s because she can’t see their face to try to read their mood and reactions to the conversation (to her). We usually rehearse what she’ll say when she has to make a call.

She is also very afraid to upset others. I honestly think this comes from a place of being so sensitive yourself — you’re so empathetic and compassionate that you really worry and stress about hurting someone else, or causing them to not like you.

Living with these issues is tough. But, the more you stress about being different and not fitting, the more difficult all these things become.

I’ve actually started taking CBD oil recently and it helps my anxiety a great deal, even social anxiety, which nothing has helped with before.

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