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djfreshyinlv – Your 14 year old freshman boy sounds EXACTLY like my son, Noah. Seriously, at first I thought my husband was writing under a pseudonym. LOL! We also soothe ourselves with the thought that this is only a season of his life. Noah’s social frustrations led him into what looked and sounded like depression to us (sleeping too much, lack of curiosity and interest in things, staying in his room), and talk therapy didn’t seem to be helping him. Not seeing “the reality of social situations,” our son stays in denial that there’s something he can do about this. He’s stuck in victim land. We pressed a new therapist to give us some answers about how best to support him and lift him out of depression. Was this just his ADHD or was there something else going on? It led to a diagnosis of high functioning autism spectrum disorder, formerly known as Asperger’s. I wish I could tell you that Noah accepted this diagnosis and went on to process it and decide how or what resources he will tap to overcome the associated challenges that have been identified. It’s now been 5 months since his diagnosis, he’s so far in denial that the mere mention of a spectrum of any kind will send him into a meltdown, and his therapist is stuck. My husband and I are researching camps for teens with the ADHD/Asperger’s combo and are hoping to get him to one next summer. Our hope is that professionals who have been where Noah is today (or have helped others who have) will have a better chance of reaching him.

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