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The man you married also had ADHD. That hasn’t changed. I’m not sure how long you’ve been together, but either his behaviour has changed or your perception of his behaviour changed. Perhaps he is more comfortable and doesn’t “try” as hard. My question is when is it you feel the need to be the center of his focus? Is it in social situations? If so you need to ask yourself why you feel that way? Most social occasions are just that…social. The focus shouldn’t be on you. Just as yours needn’t be on him. If he is never home and you feel left out, then schedule your own things to do. You should have your own interests that don’t require his attention. But you should also have at least one weekly date night with just the two of you, alternating who chooses what to do. That is the time for the two of you to connect. QIf he ignores you then or worse, refuses to go, then you have an issue.