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This is such a wonderful platform for parents who may feel they are all alone then find HOPE through “Hearing Other People’s Experiences.

My 14 yr. old son is a freshman in H.S.
I’ve dealt with the same issues for a very long time. He struggles terribly with making & holding onto friendships. Everyone at school is “his friend” yet he doesn’t even know their names. He also struggles and misses social cues. I’ve witnessed it at several church outings. It is so painful to watch as a parent. He too, when asked why he does certain things, responds with IDK.. he is very impulsive as well as immature for his age so at times does things that are super annoying but doesn’t stop when asked. This is extremely frustrating.

I try to point out different situations that have taken place that could’ve been avoided with some awareness but to no avail.. His perception vs. the reality of situations is always off which causes huge emotional meltdowns.


He does not have a phone or video games. I learned the hard way that he was too immature for both. Kids are cruel at this age. Although I didn’t want him to feel different for not having the techy things that most kids have, he got himself in trouble with both so I just took them away. Two less things for issues to occur around. Yeah, the internet is a dangerous place for an impulsive, immature child. He tries so hard to fit in but always appears awkward. I catch myself wanting to fix it all so he doesn’t feel rejected. I remind myself that this is just a “season” in my child’s life. One that will fly by just as the last 14 years have. I have faith that he will learn to manage his impulsiveness, begin to recognize social cues and as he matures, life will fall into place. It’s just one day at a time.

He is a great kid with a kind and compassionate spirit. I just wish he had one besty that accepted him for him. I try to encourage him to invite some of the kids he speaks of to hang out on the weekends but he “forgets”…

It’s difficult being a child with ADHD, and equally as hard to parent at times. But I remind myself that God has carried us for 14 years and will continue to do so. He has a plan for my son! He will thrive & survive and your daughter will too!