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Hi! I came here to say the same as styles 1 & 2. I’m 34/f diagnosed in my late 20’s. I was put on Vyvanse and it was hell. I was a monster: mean, crying, frustrated, my muscles hurt. Tried lowering the dosage…still made me irritable. Vyvanse works quite well for my slightly younger sister.

Finally the doctor tried (the cheapest drug) Ritalin. Tried XR …had issues. Now I take 20mg in the morning and 10mg around lunch. When I remember. Ha!

Sstyles (Sue!😃), #3 is not recommend as your medication is there to keep you at an “elevated baseline” as much as possible. When you constantly make changes you’re requiring your body to continually adapt/adjust. It’s hard to gather data for what’s workng.

…Then again it was me telling my doctor what worked after some wiggling in my Rx. 🙂

My point is, justinattentive, you may need to discuss dosage adjustments or try another drug. It can be so frustrating. You’re not alone. *Hugs*