Reply To: texting issues


I kept remembering how at first it was a consistent text conversations, and it was stimulating to me, and I kept craving that again. When it came to an abrupt and unexpected halt, i was left confused. I had spent two years of taking others advice which applies to non-adhd people, which never made things better. I recall when it’s me doing the initiating, and making most of the effort, things seem to be at it’s best. Then I run into an adhd moment where she hasn’t replied to 2, 3, 4, messages in a row, especially if there was a question mixed in there, that’s where the anxiety overload kicks in. I start to feel like she’s telling me to get lost, or I’m being annoying, or I said the wrong thing, and I end up shutting down, and dont know what to say or do next.
when I have mentioned about the lack of replies, she usually denies it, or says she didn’t realize she isn’t replying.