Reply To: Acting out and feeling bad


I can certainly relate. I’m in my 30’s now but dealt with this exact issue when I was in school. My parents despite their best efforts would always end up screaming at me. I finally realized the problem was that I was expecting more than they were capable of. They didn’t know how to teach me because they were expecting me to have the same level of experience they had. It can be very frustrating and the embarrassment you feel simply unleashed a tidal wave of emotions.

My only advice to you is that how you’re feeling is very typical of ADHD and you can’t let it define you. Just get through the outburst, give yourself a bit of space to decompress and then when you and your parents are calmer have a talk with them about why you were upset and explain that you didn’t mean to take it out on them. I would also suggest that if this continues maybe you should consider finding somebody at school who can help with homework to avoid the stress at home. See if your school offers after-school homework or if you can work with a tutor on your homework; somebody who won’t have all these expectations of you and who is better trained to help you.