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You and I are in the same boat O.o I’m always causing myself problems in relationships and elsewhere because I’m very deft speaking and then thinking. I think the first thing that we can do is not be so stressed about it. Example: I was living on an island for a while, and literally couldn’t remember/understand the roads I frequently drove on for six months because 1) I’m terrible at navigation and 2) the person I drove with always made me stressed about the roads. The hightened stress of this person only made it worse. The more we beat ourselves up for what we deal with, the more we feel that we are incapable of dealing with it (ironic because I had a breakdown today, doing this very thing – taking my mom with much more severe add to make me feel better). I think that the worst part about my whole island experience was that the people there didn’t understand what add was, making me feel more different/alone than I was. The thing that has helped me reach peak togetherness (something I’m slacking on now :(…) was making a goal every week and really focusing on it. Even if you are able to improve it a little bit or remember to work on your goal, you’re going to make a lot of progress. Hope that helps!