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Financial abuse is part of Domestic Violence. Contact Domestic Violence hotline number in order to make a plan to leave this relationship safely. Your spouse is an emotional terrorist. Knowledge of his multiple diagnosis and medication isn’t quick fix and change would require commitment to therapy and mental health for a lifetime. Your first responsibility is to yourself, so focus on self-protection. You are not qualified or under contract to fix him. Domestic Violence has resources for you to get a pro-bono divorce and legal advice that includes orders of protection and restraining orders, shelters and housing, child support issues, therapists and mental health resources regarding survivors. NAMI – National Alliance for Mental Health has a hotline and your community may have an information and referral service for community supports. Unpaid child support for a period of 120 days is considered a felony. Judges may require a job search, wage garnishment, visitation schedules, tax intercept, vehicle and property leins,and jail time. A good therapist should have provided you with the basic resource of the National Domestic Violence Hotline at the same time as telling you about the relationship. Doing damage control and putting out fires is exhausting. The first step should be finding reasons why you accept this behavior into your life. Childhood Abuse has traumatic effects to brain development that can be similar to ADHD. Government studies in support of this can be found on the internet. Invest all your energy and focus on yourself with professional help so you can learn what got you into this situation and protect yourself from victimisation again. When people show you who they are, believe them. As far as his family, the saying “you are who you know” applies to his family. You’ve already made a great start by attending therapy and doing research. This is way bigger than you, it gets worse, it happens to people from all aspects of society. You can survive and thrive.