Reply To: CBD


I just bought a vape and e-liquid with 200 mg full spectrum CBD. I am a caffeine junkie and was very nervous ! Smoked a few puffs and it took the edge off ! I don’t feel super relaxed! I suffer from debilitating OCD. Social anxiety and Ashe . Apart from addiction. I read a lot about it helping with social anxiety . I chose the vape form because the effect is quicker . I don’t think it positively helps my ADHD . I got the email today from Additude mag that it’s just claims ! I will continue to give a chance specially when I need to take the edge off .it tastes good and smells good . It feels like I’m putting something natural in my lungs . I don’t feel high at all! Just a tad more calmer ! Hey will take it in the night as the caffeine has made me have poor night of sleep many times