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Ella C

Yeah I’m innatentive type ADD and I wasn’t diagnosed until 16. I spent my whole life being scolded for my problems and compared to my friends. I’d be asked why I’m not functioning like them and I really did try. I just always thought I was lazy and stupid. I got diagnose and prescribed a stimulant. I remember the first time I took it and I was able to truly focus. With time (I’m now 21) I’ve grown more accustomed and used to my ADD. I can crack jokes about my symptoms and I’m not so hard on myself about them any more.

I have always had a crazy imagination. In my middle school years I’d be able to create stories in my head and zone out to entertain myself.

I’m also “blonde” I locked myself out of my dorm 5 times alreadY… I have come up with some pretty good coping skills for school related stuff, but some things never change I suppose

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but I’m also a pretty darn good lucid dreamer.