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My 15 year old daughter has daytime wetting, used to have encopresis (BM) and no medication has changed it. The encopresis subsided when she got her period. She is isolating herself because of odor. I had a traumatic injury from childbirth, so I blame myself, as I had a repair when she was 3 years old. She was aware that we both wore diapers, handing me mine in the restroom. She likes to be helpful. I was given medication as a result of a wrongful diagnosis, pretty sure respiridol, that made me sleep so hard that I wet my bedclothes. My suggestion to you is deal with one diagnosis at a time and get a sleep study ordered by the doctor. My experience has been multiple diagnosis, tons of medications, and I find less is best. Always trust your own judgement and enjoy learning your child. As far as the wetting, it’s very common in males and it is his own personal item not to be shared. I have found that ownership of a bodily function and allowing self-care is empowering to our children. My daughter’s wetting has been frustrating, my mother’s sage advice is that “it’s the only thing that she can control” in life. I’ve tried everything, but the easiest intervention is to whisper “wash up” and allow her to own the body, function, and care. I know a lot of makes that claim they wet the bed until puberty. No one talks about it. I am the mother of a 27 year old with Down Syndrome, bed wetting until 16. If you do the math, all 3 in diapers at the same time! Your insurance may send you incontinent supplies with a doctor authorization. It may encourage you to know that my sister skipped second grade, plays classical piano by ear, has her master’s degree, and recently admitted owning a small business is fulfilling for adults with ADD/ADHD. No medication was ever involved, times were different. She got herself a lot of therapy. I remember her struggles with “blurting out” inappropriate stuff, yet she learned her mind and developed lasting relationships.