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I was recently diagnosed (just this past Saturday), after about 2-3 years of suspecting that I could possibly be living with undiagnosed adult ADHD. (I am a 34 year old woman, just starting a Master’s degree after being out of school for 10 years.) Already I am behind on papers, but am excelling in a language class. It’s weird. But it’s also a relief, as everything makes so much sense, now!

Anyways, to hear this:

the depression that can accompany it from not quite fitting the mold of the plodding and boring rest of society that surrounds us.

really resonates true for me. I was struggling with severe depression for a number of years (approaching 7.5, I think) and have been on a low dosage of fluoxene (generic Prozac) since January. Now I feel like that has been dealt with, so the Psychiatrist who diagnosed me is transitioning me from that (which did feel like it was helping me focus a bit) to Bupropion. This week I am taking half the fluoxene pill a day, next week I should be on 150s, and after that move onto the 300 XLs and then I have a follow-up appointment.

So far, my mood is still good (and great, even) YAY!… but I’ve noticed a caffeine-withdrawal-like headache for the last three days, and today I have been especially restless and distracted. So perhaps the fluoxene helped more than I had thought?

I am wondering if the Bupropion has adverse side-effects or doesn’t help me enough if I should switch back to the SSRI since I did see some improvement. Also, since I was hyper-sensitive to that, I am a little worried about going up to the 300 XL right away (after 7 days) when it was months between starting on 10mg and going up to 20mgs of the fluoxene… What if 150 is enough?

… Anyone else who has or has had depression make the transition? (Between these two particular meds or just any SSRI to Bupropion?) Is it common to be really sensitive to this kind of medicine?

Really curious!

Thanks, everyone!